Best Restaurants to Visit When in France

Best Restaurants to Visit When in France

For many years, France has been known to be the leading destination of both domestic and foreign tourists. For this reason, the number of hotels in France is very high. There are multiple online ranking and advertisements done by these hotels on social media to win customers. As a result, it is difficult to select which hotel you are likely to get the best services in France. This being the case, I have made a selection of the top 5 best restaurants to visit when in France. The selection is unbiased and was not influenced in favor of any hotel.

#1 Chez Casimir restaurant

Chez Casimir is a restaurant located near Gare du Nord in Paris. Chez Casimir together with the pricier, have been sharing a kitchen. Chez Casimir is known to offer more affordable fare than their counterpart. The restaurant is ideal for Eurostar riders and works well for people who are seeking for affordable dining. Chez Casimir is referred to be the best restaurant to take a cheese plate when in France. According to the locals, this is the place they visit for high standard bistro food. For more information, give them a call through +33 148 78 28 80. Their address is Chez Casimir, Gare Du Nord, 6 rue de Belzunce, 75010 Paris

#2 Bistrot Paul Bert

The hotel is located in Paris and offers you classic food services. Inside and around the hotel is a lively atmosphere that keeps your mind and body relaxed. Bistro hotel serves their customers with delicious steak fries, apple tarts and other meals. Visiting the hotel leaves you satisfied and loving to come back to the hotel every day of your stay in Paris. For more information about the hotel and the services they offer, consider giving them a call through +33 143 72 24 01. Their address is Bistrot Paul Bert, 75011 Paris.

#3 Le Mouton Blanc

The hotel is located on Le Mont-Saint-Michel Island in a building of the 14th century. Le Mouton Blanc restaurant gives you a chance to experience a Norman fell of the old days. The restaurant specializes in cooking meals based on its name. You can also take a meal made of roast lamb casserole. In case you need more information about the hotel and make a booking for meals, you can contact them through +33 2 33 60 14 08

#4 Semilla

The hotel is ideal for new tourists in France. It consists of an open kitchen with highly qualified chefs. It has a consistent supply of wine from Derniere Goutte wine shop. The restaurant offers a wide selection of half-size plates and their services are of high standards. Your visit to the restaurant will give you a more healthy, and comfortable time. Their address is Semilla, 54 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris. For more information, call them through + 33 143543450

#5 La Ciboulette

La Ciboulette restaurant won the Michelin star of the year 2o07. It is located in a strategic part of Annecy France. The hotel offers food services in its kind of freshness. It is an ideal place to dine at while taking a view of its good surrounding environment of Cour du Pre Carre. The quiet green environment makes the restaurant mind relaxing. The restaurant’s address is 10 Rue Vaugelas, Annecy, France. For more information concerning the hotel, give them a call through +33 450457457.

In conclusion, the above is a list of top 5 best restaurants in France. In case you want to spend quality time in France, consider seeking services in either of them. If you a specific or asking is coconut milk high in cholesterol? Make sure you let your server know ahead of time. This way, you will ensure that your time in France is comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable.

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